Is The Renegade In You Ready To Break Free Of Self Imposed Limitations?

Free Yourself From Old Fears and Create Unstoppable Momentum For Manifesting The Life You Know You Are Destined Live

Imagine Dynamic, Empowered Relationships With Your Team Members, Colleagues, Clients, Friends, Family, and (Best of All) Your Self

For CEOs, managers, consultants, coaches, counselors, conscious business owners and curious equestrians

Modern life is fast-paced and crowded with pressures and possibilities. Meeting life with EQuinimity™ means letting go of frenzying as a lifestyle. It means living connected to yourself as your life unfolds. It means being conscious, aware of your body, mental patterns and emotional tendencies as you are experiencing them.

Choosing to live this way helps you re-calibrate your priorities so that slowing down and connecting with nature and your inner realms is a priority. This strengthens your ability to make choices that lead to happiness in every day life.

Horse enthusiasts of all ages gather here to learn how to develop more EQuinimity™ - being calm, grounded and composed. Present to the mysteries inherent in each moment.

It's remembering to sort out real threats from perceived ones. Pretty much like horses do. Only they don't have to learn how. They already know.

And they can show us.

What Makes The Horse/Human Connection So Profound?

The relationship between horse and rider is like no other. Horses are unique individuals that share many common social traits. They are highly communicative and interactive.

Utilizing horses to help us better understand ourselves and the world we live in is quite natural. Honestly, you have to see it to believe it.

Horses are brilliant teachers. They show us new ways to resolve complex issues in our personal and professional lives including:

  • Enhancing leadership effectiveness
  • Encouraging willingness to take risks
  • Opening up strong lines of communication
  • Increasing confidence
  • Heightening awareness of needs of others
  • Understand the simple power of presence

How To Expand Your Capacity For Emotional Intellligence, Agility and Resilience

Let the herd at Sky Ridge Ranch guide you in exploring patterns of thought and behavior that may be getting in the way of living up to your fullest potential.

Time spent with horses increases emotional agility and social intelligence. Their intuitive nature and herd structure make them excellent role models for strengthening connection and cohesion in all your relationships.

Whether you're a business owner, manager, team leader or individual, time spent with the horses will increase increase your capacity for connection, communication in all your relationships.

With 50 years of horse experience, I have discovered the power of combining my knowledge of horses with my training as a yoga and meditation teacher. My mission? To encourage people to live from a place of ease and acceptance while pursuing activities that engage their passions and interests.

Enhancing Awareness, Insight, Confidence and Connection
Using The Language Of Horses

"I was not enjoying my work and didn't have the guts to make the kind of changes I knew I was ready for. The big mares at the ranch helped me find the confidence to state what I wanted to do and Barbara got me clear about how to make the desired change a reality."
-Sherry Arnold, Sacramento, CA

”The quality of my day-to-day life is much improved since working with Barbara. Her understanding of how our minds and bodies are connected is phenomenal. The whole experience at the ranch is magical.”
- Diana Watson, Elk Grove, CA

"I didn't really understand what this work was about until I spent an hour with Barbara and her horses. The things I learned in that session are things I use everyday to keep me on course with my goals."
- Lisa Carlsen, Sacramento, CA

"Horses teach us to ask without aggression, how to love without condition, and how to avoid the destructive side of perfection. They teach us to cherish every single moment for its novelty and wonder."
- Dominique Barbier, Horseman & Author

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